IMAVS projects group has initiated many charitable and humanitarian projects through various partnerships in NGO’s and foundations across different parts of India . These initiatives are on affordable & vocational education , Rural employment & management , healthcare for children & women , clean Environment ,Energy and development of people in specific and society in general. Few of them are stated below.


Quality Healthcare

Development & implementation of affordable and quality healthcare both medical & diagnostics facilities for poor people and for rural India .



Development and implementation of vocational school education program for ODISHA and other eastern Indian states headquartered at Kendupatna , Cuttack , ODISHA


Modern Agriculture

Development and implantation of Rural employment program in production and distribution of modern Agriculture products e.g , Diary , Vegetables , fruits & other rural handmade products for Odisha & eastern Indian states and Kerala & southern Indian states.


Clean and Affordable Energy

Development & implementation of clean and affordable energy for rural India though various Bio mass and plants and other rural products